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QBZ-191 (E&L) 最新列装QBZ-191全仿真Airsoft Rifle

QBZ-191 (E&L) 最新列装QBZ-191全仿真Airsoft Rifle

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PLA-191 E&L 最新列装191 全仿真Airsoft Rifle

Long 全长:801/875mm

Net Weight 净重量:3.16KG

Magazine 弹夹容量:31 / 120 (6mm BBs)

Energy Source: CO2 / HPA

Fire Modes: Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safe

Hop-Up : Adjustable

HPA Adapter Size: 8mm

Package Included 包装包含:AEG, Magazine 枪+弹夹


Announced in 2019 the QBZ-191 Automatic Rifle is a Chinese assault rifle and manufactured by Norinco for the People's Liberation Army and People's Armed Police. It improves ergonomics, ambidextrous usability and reliability over the QBZ-95 which it is designed to replace. The rifle also features a full-length Picatinny rail as part of the new "Integrated Soldier Combat System".

The T191 is a celebration of E&L's 10 year anniversary in airsoft. The mechanism of this replica provides a snappy blowback and realistic operation and can be powered by either an HPA external air tank or CO2 (12g or 33g).

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